Europe Movie Club

Floated by AJeevan to discover, explore, expose, provoke and promote creative film makers.With decreasing cost of film and video equipments and increasing ease of global communication, short films are all set to become the consummate art form of 21st century.

Our Europe movie club will organise short film festivals and act as platform for discussion and networking for directors, producers, actors and others involved in making short films.In an effort to educate young filmmakers and assist in their career development we have implemented a variey of ongoing activities like conducting free workshops for movie making to bring them into spotlight.To bring all the artistes in Europe together we are on the way in producing a directory so that they will be easily spotted by the film makers.

President : Mr. M.Nithyanandan
Vice President: Mr.Subendran Thamotharan
Secretary : AJeevan
Treasurer: Mrs. Meena Nithyanandan
Publicity & Public Relations: Miss. Roshani
  Swiss Coordinators:
Miss.Corinne Frey
Miss.Marie-Anne Fankauser
Indian Coordinator: Mr.K.R.Kannan D.F.Tech
Film section Incharge:
M.Noel (Swiss) K.Suthaker (London)